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John Domingue, Monday 22 September 2003 | Annotate
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Last week saw the midterm review for the EPSRC funded Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT) project at the University of Southampton. Overall the review went extremely well. In his summing up the review, panel chair Professor James Hendler said �if I could give you a grade it would be an �A�� and pointed out that many of the outcomes would not have been possible without this type of research collaboration project. During the 2 days of presentations and demonstrations KMI had a significant presence, the highlights being a presentation by Professor Enrico Motta on Knowledge and Semantic Web Services followed by a demo of our Semantic Web Services platform �The Internet Reasoning Service� (IRS) by Dr. John Domingue; a presentation on how a number of novel technologies have been integrated to support internet-mediated meetings with groups based at different locations by Dr. Simon Buckingham Shum; and a demo of KMi�s web sense-making system Magpie by Dr. John Domingue. Other KMI researchers involved in AKT or associated projects are Marc Eisenstadt, Jiri Komzak, Liliana Cabral, Martin Dzbor, Vanessa Lopez, Jianhan Zhu and Maria Vargas-Vera.


Enrico Motta Photograph

Enrico Motta

Professor of Knowledge Technologies

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John Domingue Photograph

John Domingue

Professor of Computer Science

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Simon Buckingham Shum Photograph

Simon Buckingham Shum

Professor of Learning Informatics

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Marc Eisenstadt Photograph

Marc Eisenstadt

Emeritus Professor; KMi Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

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Jiri Komzak Photograph

Jiri Komzak

C++/Java Developer/Researcher

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Liliana Cabral Photograph

Liliana Cabral

Research Fellow

Martin Dzbor Photograph

Martin Dzbor

Senior Research Fellow

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Vanessa Lopez Photograph

Vanessa Lopez

Research Fellow

Jianhan Zhu Photograph

Jianhan Zhu

Research Fellow

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Maria Vargas-Vera Photograph

Maria Vargas-Vera

Research Fellow

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Advanced Knowledge Technologies

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Internet Reasoning Service (IRS)

KMi's Semantic Web Services framework

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