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BuddySpace 2.6 Bonanza

Marc Eisenstadt, Wednesday 23 November 2005 | Annotate
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KMi's "Instant Messenger with maps and attitude", BuddySpace, was made available in version 2.6 today. The latest version, which includes Chris Denham's extensions to Jiri Komzak's core client, boasts three main extensions: 1. Simlink, a tool that allows creation of 'shared plugins' for use in group chat, yielding in effect 'bandwidth-friendly screen-sharing'. 2. BuddyFinder, a tool to help you find other users based on profile information and/or inferred information from buddies' web pages in the absence of a profile, using another KMi tool (CORDER) to intelligently rank-order the results! 3. WebClient, a simple web client for BuddySpace (firewall and browser friendly), that runs on its own in any browser with no download or installation.

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