The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) was set up in 1995 in recognition of the need for The Open University to be at the forefront of research and development in a convergence of areas that impacted on the OU's very nature: Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technologies, and Multimedia. We chose to call this convergence Knowledge Media.


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Carlo Allocca - Photograph

I started my PhD in KMi in October 2007. My PhD research is in the Semantic Web field. In particular, I have investigated how to make explicit semantic relations between ontologies and evaluate...

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Brian Pluss - Photograph

I am Research Associate in the Electoral Debate Visualisation (EDV) project, working with Anna De Liddo and Simon Buckingham Shum on using technology to enhance the experience of debate viewers in...

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Wolff, A. and Mulholland, P. (2015) Navigation Strategies in the Cityscape/Datascape, Workshop: International Workshop on Pervasive Urban Applications (PURBA 2015) at ACM UbiComp 2015, Osaka, Japan


Mudd, T., Holland, S., Mulholland, P. and Dalton, N. (2015) Investigating the effects of introducing nonlinear dynamical processes into digital musical interfaces, Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC), Maynooth University, Ireland


Steffert, T., Holland, S., Mulholland, P., Dalton, S. and Väljamäe, A. (2015) Prototyping A Method For The Assessment Of Real-Time EEG Sonifications, International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD), Graz, Austria


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Recent Seminars

Ben Vaughan - DAQRI Inc
ARToolKit Open Source Software
This event took place on Tuesday 07 July 2015


Professor Hans Akkermans - The Network Institute, Web alliance for Regreening in Africa (W4RA,, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Extending the World Wide Web Without Internet
This event took place on Thursday 02 July 2015

Mikel Salazar - Deustotech (University of Deusto, Bilbao, Spain)
An Introduction to OpenUIX
This event took place on Tuesday 30 June 2015


Dr. Christopher Atchison - University of Cincinnati and the International Association for Geoscience Diversity
Fostering an international initiative to mitigate the barriers of full participation for geoscience students and practitioners with disabilities
This event took place on Monday 29 June 2015


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