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Research Assoc. for Blockchain Learning Verification
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I'm a researcher primarily working with various aspects of blockchain technology. I have diverse, yet well-connected research experiences gathered from three nations in the British and Irish Isles: Ireland, Scotland and England. I presently hold a Research Associate position in the Open Blockchain group at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) of the Open University where I investigate the problems of blockchain learning verifications as well use-cases that can be fit into this new and innovative technology. Beside blockchain, I also have a keen interest in Wireless Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Privacy & Trust and Data Science. Prior to my current position, I completed two other postdocs, one at the KMi and the other in the Department of Computing and Communication in the same university where I worked in the Strategic Data Science project and smart city project MK-Smart respectively.

I obtained my PhD from the School of Computing Science at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, as a recipient of the Scottish ORS Scholarship in conjunction with the Glasgow University College of Science and Engineering Scholarship. I was also a research scholar at the School of Computer Science in Trinity College Dublin where I received Govt. of Ireland IRCSET Embark Initiative Scholarship. My earlier background is in Computer Science and Engineering at East West University, Bangladesh where I pursued a bachelor and a masters degree with Gold Medal distinction.

Keys: Blockchain, Internet of Things, Data Science, Privacy

Team: Michelle Bachler, Rachel Coignac-Smith, John Domingue, Zeeshan Jan, Alexander Mikroyannidis, Kevin Quick, Manoharan Ramachandran, Allan Third, Chris Valentine




15 May 2019

07 May 2018


Publications | Visit External Site for Details Publications | doi 

Ferdous, M., Biswas, K., Chowdhury, M., Chowdhury, N. and Muthukkumarasamy, V. (2019) Integrated platforms for blockchain enablement, Advances in Computers, 113, Elsevier

Publications | Visit External Site for Details Publications | doi 

Chowdhury, N., Price, B., Smith, A., Gooch, D. and Linden, J. (2018) 50 Shades of Green and Brown: Comparing Grid Carbon Intensity with Consumption for Households with PV Generation and Battery Storage, 6th IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability Technologies, Long Beach, California

Publications | Download PDF  

Ferdous, M., Chowdhury, M., Biswas, K. and Chowdhury, N. (2018) Immutable Autobiography of Smart Cars, 3rd Symposium on Distributed Ledger Technology, Gold Coast, Australia

Publications | Visit External Site for Details Publications | doi 

Chowdhury, N. and Moore, J. (2018) Attention Management for Improved Renewable Energy Usage at Households using IoT-enabled Ambient Displays, ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) 2018 Adjunct, Singapore, Singapore, pp. 1215-1221

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Chowdhury, N. and Weber, S. (2017) Mobile Ad hoc Networks: Rapidly Deployable Emergency Communications Opportunistic Networking: Vehicular, D2D and Cognitive Radio Networks, pp. 47-82, CRS Press, Taylor & Francis Group

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