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Collective Applied Intelligence and Analytics for Social Innovation: Open Tools Validated in Large-Scale Communities



Collective Platform for Community Resilience & Social Innovation During Crises

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A Decarbonisation Platform for Citizen Empowerment and Translating Collective Awareness into Behavioural Change

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Equipping the Next Generation for Active Engagement in Science

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Development of filmic representations of social media content for individuals and groups using a mixture of semantic, content, and network analysis



ROBUST aims to analyze, manage and care for online communities to support their well being & to measure their created value.

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tools and techniques to enable policy makers to gather, integrate, and analyse policy-related discussions

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Find the right people with the right knowledge in the right place at the right time

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Enhanced Presence Management for Collaboration, Messaging, and Gaming

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State-of-the-art simulation of the climate system

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Hypermedia Discourse

Conceptual foundations and practical tools at the nexus of Deliberation, Argumentation and Software

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Mobile Applications

Applications to explore the use of mobile devices in a learning environment

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The World's Simplest Messenger

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Where eGovernment meets the eSociety

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Research in social location-based play for large groups in city environments

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Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid

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e-PhD Project

Developing Research Skills, Presence and Collaboration at a Distance

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European Learning Grid Infrastructure

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Hallé KTP

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership project between the Hallé Concerts Society and KMi



An Erasmus Multilateral Project which aims at developing an Intercultural Path for Erasmus students.

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Milton Keynes Educational Portal

Open Guide to Milton Keynes logo

Open Guide to Milton Keynes

Community guide to Milton Keynes that anyone can edit

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Open Sensemaking Communities

Helping e-learners construct interpretations of open content courseware

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Planting for Pollinators

Generating recommendations for bumblebee-friendly gardening

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Semantic Blogging

Link blog entries with meaningful relations (such as 'agree', 'disagree') instead of just plain link

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Storymaking Project

Design and evaluation of a story metadata scheme and annotation environment

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The Bookshelf Project

Find out who has which books using ISBN and web service lookup

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Vague Query Responder

Bookshop owners can outperform Amazon and Google when the queries are vague - so can our software

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Research Asst / Assoc - Text and Data Mining

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
29,799 - 38,833 (Grades AC1 / AC2)
Based in Milton Keynes
Temporary contract until 31 December 2018

WE ACCEPT APPLICATIONS FROM CITIZENS GLOBALLY The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) is a distinct research unit within the Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at the...

Senior Research Fellow x 2

Knowledge Media Institute (KMi)
50,618 - 56,950 (Grade AC4)
Based in Milton Keynes
Permanent Position

WE ACCEPT APPLICATIONS FROM CITIZENS GLOBALLY The Knowledge Media Institute (KMi) is one of the top research centres in the world in the area of knowledge and media technologies, and we offer a...


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