KMi invites external speakers to present their work to the lab. We also welcome approaches from researchers who are interested to present their work. Please contact either the KMi staff member who is working in your field, or the seminars coordinator, Anna De Liddo.

Events take place at the KMi Podium (Berrill Building, 4th Floor North) unless otherwise stated.

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Future Events

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heyer

Exploratory Search and Trend Detection

The talk will present the notion of exploratory search as a means to go beyond "lookup", like learning or investigating (Marchionini 2006), and sketch its usefulness in new applications such as Digital Humanities. In...

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Heyer
Organisation: Institut für Informatik/Computer Science Department Universität Leipzig
Webcast time: 11:30
Webcast date: Wednesday 19 November 2014
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Dr. Liliana Cabral

A Semantic Modelling and Ranking Approach for Agricultural Sensor Data Analytics

Sensor data analytics is an essential part of agricultural decision support systems. Farmers and crop managers need fit for purpose environmental derived data and predictive models to help them monitor their crop and adjust control options for...

Presenter: Dr. Liliana Cabral
Organisation: ISSL, CSIRO, Hobart, TAS, Australia
Webcast time: 10:30
Webcast date: Thursday 30 October 2014
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Past Events

Designed visualisation: good design doing good?

The talk will introduce ideas around design as an agent of change and how designed visual communications can operate within the field of argument visualisation.The opportunities present within the the EPSRC-funded platform for Election Debate...

Presenter: Dr. Paul Wilson
Organisation: Lecturer, School of Design, University of Leeds
Webcast date: Tuesday 29 July 2014
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Point-based medialness for shape representation, recognition and movement computing

Prashant Aparajeya will present the research project "Point-based medialness for shape representation, recognition and movement computing" that he is conducting at Computer Vision group, Goldsmiths, University of London. In this work...

Presenter: PhD Researcher Prashant Aparajeya
Webcast date: Wednesday 16 July 2014
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Teaching the Internet over the Internet

Cisco Systems developed as part of their academy programme a simulator for teaching networking in 2007/8. This discussion describes how this is used within the Open University as well as how the development of the multiuser tool may shape the...

Presenter: Andrew Smith
Organisation: The Open University
Webcast date: Monday 07 July 2014
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The Election Debate Visualisation (EDV) Project

During the 2010 UK general election, the first ever televised Prime Ministerial debates took place. Research and pilot work in KMi and at University of Leeds demonstrated the interest that this sparked in the public, their need for more...

Presenter: Dr Brian Plüss
Webcast date: Thursday 19 June 2014
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Configurable Multi-agent Systems Based on Performance Matrix for Facial Recognition

In order to solve the intrapersonal variation problem in facial recognition, we propose a framework of a multi-engine system for facial recognition configurable in image types, watch sizes and engines based on performance matrices. The value...

Presenter: Dr He Hongmei
Organisation: Cyber-Physical System Centre, Engineering Science Division, School of Engineering, Cranfield University
Webcast date: Wednesday 18 June 2014
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