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VocTeach FE Symposium

The current global pandemic has exposed issues and enforced changes across many sectors of the UK...

Tamper Proof Vaccination Certificate

COVID-19 Antibody Test/Vaccination Interview

COVID-19 Antibody Test/Vaccination Certification: There's an app for that

As the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2019/2020 unfolds, a controversial 'Immunity Passport' has been mooted...

Meet HanS, the Health and Safety Autonomous Inspector - preliminary demo

An early demo of Hans our robot who is aware of our health and safety guidelines and is able to...

SK299 Human Biology

· The augmented reality (AR) app, developed by Paul Hogan in the Knowledge Media Institute...

FORGE - Forging Online Education through FIRE

Forging Online Education through FIRE (FORGE) has been a project bringing the FIRE and eLearning...

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