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MK:5G Connect - Showcasing the ISDS robotic research

Alessio Antonini, Monday 14 February 2022 | Annotate

On the 14th of February, the Marshal Area hosted the MK:5G Connect: an expo of all technologies and advancements connected with the 5G pilot in Milton Keynes. We participated as ISDS group with a stall presenting the research of Agnese and Gianluca, our TiaGo robot and the upcoming GATEKEEPER pilot in MK about robotic intervention at home.

The expo included SMEs operating in different fields of robot autonomy, such as self-driving pods and busses, hospitality, as well robotic vision and AI for security and monitoring. This event gave the opportunity to meet in person the large network of organizations connected to the 5G pilot and the amazing sandbox for AI service that is now the MK:Dons Stadium.

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