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Adaptive Education – Harnessing AI for Academic Progress

Nancy Pontika, Tuesday 14 May 2024

KMi’s Senior Research Fellow Alexander Mikroyannidis has given a presentation at the workshop organised by Ulster University: Adaptive Education – Harnessing AI for Academic Progress. This workshop was dedicated to exploring the innovative and transformative role of Generative AI in education. This event has served as an international platform for sharing insights, research, and practical use cases of AI-driven future-leaning approaches in teaching practices.

Alexander presented the latest KMi research initiatives on the use of Generative AI for teaching and learning. In particular, Alexander shared results from ongoing work within the Open University, aiming to investigate the use of Generative AI for improving the production of learning materials and for providing students with personal digital assistants. Additionally, Alexander presented the new UKRI funded project SAGE-RAI, which aims to responsibly deploy Generative AI for smart assessment and guided education.

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Generative AI at the Open University

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Smart Assessment and Guided Education with Responsible AI

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Adaptive Education – Harnessing AI for Academic Progress

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