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Champion: John Domingue
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Participant(s):Alexander Mikroyannidis, Aisling Third, Joseph Kwarteng

Similar Projects:GenAI-OU

Timeline:01 Dec 2023 - 31 May 2025



Smart Assessment and Guided Education with Responsible AI

Can responsible Generative AI (GenAI) lead to improved student outcomes? In SAGE-RAI, we utilise partner-applied education-oriented GenAI tools to explore this. Inspired by Bloom's 1984 study on 1-to-1 teaching's efficacy and the potential for cost-effective, scalable personalised education, we aim to unlock this potential. Addressing tutor limitations in accommodating large cohorts, we investigate how responsible GenAI can enhance tutoring, offer tailored more personalised learning experiences and generate student feedback. Our goal is to create a platform supporting assessment and student guidance while responsibly applying GenAI, addressing challenges of misinformation, copyright, and bias. The journey embodies educational innovation for better outcomes.

  • Open Data Institute (ODI)


20 Mar 2024

Alexander Mikroyannidis

06 Mar 2024

Nancy Pontika

01 Feb 2024

Nancy Pontika

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