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Dr. David Price


Dr. David Price
Debategraph-building a global debate map
This event took place on Wednesday 26 March 2008 at 11:30

Debategraph is a creative commons venture launched in March 2008 with the goal of creating a free, web-based global map of public debate, in which every argument on every side of every contentious issue is open for all to explore and for all to challenge and improve.

The browser-based, wiki argument visualisation software—Debatemapper—that underpins the Debategraph has been in development for several years, including pilot projects with the UK Prime Minister’s Office and the Royal Society for Arts last summer.

David Price, co-founder of Debategraph, will demonstrate how Debategraph enables web-based collaborative mapping of complex, semantically interrelated debates, and explore: the potential benefits and challenges of large scale public deliberation; Debategraph’s design rationale in response to these; the project to translate and update Robert Horn’s pioneering map of 50 years of academic debate around the Turing Test and computer thought; and the lessons emerging from the pilot project with the UK Prime Minister’s Office.

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