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Carlo Alloca

KMi, The Open University

 Carlo Alloca
KANNEL: a Framework for Detecting and Managing Relations between Ontologies in Large Ontology Repository.
This event took place on Wednesday 27 May 2009 at 11:30

Ontologies are the pillars of the Semantic Web (SW) and, as more and more ontologies are made available online, the SW is quickly taking shape. As a result, the research community is becoming more and more aware that ontologies are not isolated artifacts: they are, explicitly or implicitly, related with each other. Indeed, a number of studies have intended to tackle some of the challenges raised by ontology relationships, from both theoretical and practical points of view. We propose and describe KANNEL, a framework for detecting and managing semantic relations between ontologies for large ontology repositories. It is based on the DOOR ontology. Basically, it is a semantic structure (ontology with rules), which represents and formalizes important ontology relations on the Semantic Web. Making explicit implicit relations between ontologies provides meta-information that facilitates the development of Semantic Web Applications. In addiction, applied in the context of a large collection of automatically crawled ontologies, DOOR and KANNEL provide a starting point for analyzing the underlying structure of the network of ontologies that is the Semantic Web.

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