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Bram Vandeputte

Hypermedia and Databases (HMDB) unit, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

 Bram Vandeputte
Exploring the research world
This event took place on Wednesday 23 June 2010 at 11:30

In this short talk I will give an overview on ideas for using new technologies such as multi touch, tabletops and more to assist researchers in various tasks. We think of it as a research suite, where we go from very small devices and displays, such as a research pod and research pad, to extremely large displays, such as research on a tabletop, wall projections or even a projection dome. Specifically in this talk I will give an example of a researchpod app and a tabletop app. More! is a mobile application that has been developed for getting more information of a researcher during a presentation at a conference. This information includes all the papers, various contact information and even the slides of the presentation currently going on. Science table, a tabletop vizualisation, is a first attempt of providing easy access to publication data in a research field by showing connections between papers and its authors in various ways.

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