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Paul Culmsee

Seven Sigma Business Solutions

 Paul Culmsee
Beyond Best Practices: Reflections on how IBIS and Compendium fit into collaborative project delivery (and a book preview)
This event took place on Thursday 24 February 2011 at 14:00

Seven Sigma have been successfully using IBIS, Compendium and Dialogue Mapping as a core part of our practice for several years in combination with other collaborative project delivery tools and techniques. More recently, Seven Sigma’s Paul Culmsee, along with Kailash Awati have been writing a book that lifts the lid off the often misguided notion of best practices. Visualising problems are given considerable coverage. However the book is not just about hypermedia or dialogue mapping exclusively and incorporates many other ideas, patterns and practices. This talk will cover some of these areas and provide a real-world, in the trenches view of complex project solving in different disciplines and industries and how IBIS has been utilised.

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