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Grace Rachmany


 Grace Rachmany
Introduction to Holochain: a distributed framework for computing
This event took place on Monday 02 March 2020 at 11:30

The original vision of the Internet was to create an anti-fragile, truly peer-to-peer network. However, today's Internet has become centralized in a number of ways: DNS addressing, cloud hosting by a small number of corporates, and data collection by Google and Facebook. Blockchains are a first attempt to address this failure, but they still rely on highly centralized architectures and operating systems, and on maintenance of global state that has been disastrously wasteful in terms of energy resources and intolerably slow in terms of transaction times. Holochain is developing an Agent-centric architecture which is more similar to natural biological systems, designed for complexity, speed, and privacy. Holochain is not a blockchain, but it uses Distributed Ledger Technology in an innovative way that goes beyond the limitations of blockchain.

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