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Dr Farshad Hakimpour

KMi, The Open University

Dr Farshad Hakimpour
IRS support for OWL-S and WSMO
This event took place on Monday 21 June 2004 at 12:30

There is a great deal of work on developing ontologies (such as OWL-S and WSMO) for describing semantics of Web Services. IRS is one of the few existing systems (if not the only one) to support the Semantic Web Services technologies. I will show how the underlying model of IRS (i.e. Task-PSM ontology) could support parts of OWL-S, as well as how we modified and extended the task-PSM ontology to be able to support features of OWL-S. I will also present further capability the Task-PSM ontology provides, in comparison to OWL-S. I will briefly describe the status of the current work for supporting WSMO.

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