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Dr Nigel Collier

National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo

Dr Nigel Collier
Integrating Deep and Shallow Semantic Structures in Open Ontology Forge
This event took place on Friday 15 October 2004 at 13:30

Work in knowledge representation undertaken as part of the Semantic Web initiative has enabled a common infrastructure (Resource Description Framework (RDF) and RDF Schema) for sharing knowledge of ontologies and instances. In this talk I present a framework for combining the shallow levels of semantic description commonly used in MUC-style information extraction (IE) with the deeper semantic structures available in such ontologies. The framework is implemented within the PIA project software called Open Ontology Forge (OOF). OOF offers a rich desktop based environment for editing ontologies and large-scale capture of text and image annotations. It will also soon support a modular architecture for plug-ins which will allow IE components to reduce the effort making annotations by human experts. We discuss the knowledge framework, some features of the system and summarize work within our group on component IE technologies such as named entity, coreference and event annotation.

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