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Dr. Charles Severance

University of Michigan Duderstadt Center, USA

Dr. Charles Severance
SAKAI tools and architecture
This event took place on Wednesday 28 September 2005 at 11:00

SAKAI is a US based project developing open source tools for learning environments. This talk will look at the development of such tools and give an update on the project.

Charles is currently a Software Architect at the University of Michigan Duderstadt Center working on tools for online collaboration for teaching, learning, and research.

He is currently Chief Architect on the Sakai project (www.sakaiproject.org). He also is working on the NEESgrid project (www.neesgrid.org) and the National Middleware Initive grid portal project (www.ogce.org).

Charles is the Author of the book High Performance Computing, Second Edition, published by O'Reilly and Associates.

Charles has taught Computer Science courses at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.

Charles has developed several tools to assist in the production of multimedia web-based lectures. The tools are called the Sync-O-Matic 3000 and ClipBoard-2000.

Charles is active in television and radio as a hobby, he has co-hosted several television shows including "Nothin but Net" produced by MediaOne and a nationally televised program called Internet:TCI. Charles also appeared for many years as an expert on Internet and Technology on a call-in radio program on a local Public Radio affiliate (www.ogce.org).

Charles has a B.S., M.S., and Phd. in Computer Science from Michigan State University. His research area is the use of parallel processors for High Performance Computing and the use of the Internet to deliver educational content.

Download Technical Overview powerpoint presentation (1.5Mb ZIP file)
Download additional slides shown from the Technical Update powerpoint presentation (2.4Mb ZIP file)

This seminar is part of the IET Research Seminar Series

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