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Ian Alexander

 Ian Alexander
Issues facing the Requirements Engineer - A Personal View
This event took place on Tuesday 01 November 2005 at 12:15

This talk will be in two parts.

1. What is going on out there? The speaker and colleagues conducted a questionnaire survey to find out what influences the requirements process in industry. The quantitative results were strikingly different between industries, but also had a strong overall pattern suggesting a need for radical change.

2. Personal Reflections on Requirements Engineering. The speaker will consider the implications of some of the survey's findings. He will speculate from his personal experience what the obstacles are, what we should do about them, and what the future may hold.

Download powerpoint presentation (132kb ZIP file)

This seminar is part of a series for the READ Group, in Maths and Computing and is to be used on a forthcoming course M883.

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