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James Robertson

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 James Robertson
Business Events: the Key to Discovering the Real Requirements
This event took place on Monday 09 January 2006 at 12:15

People often complain about scope creep. But often creep happens because there was no formal definition of the scope in the first place. We have discovered that you need a formal mechanism for keeping track of two aspects of scope: the scope of the work that you need to investigate and the scope of the product that you intend to build.

The scope of the work identifies the part of the world that you need to investigate in order to discover the requirements. It does not matter what kind of work it is?commercial, scientific, embedded real time, manual or currently automated. However, this work scope is probably too large to be studied as a single unit. Just as you cut your food into small pieces before attempting to eat it, it is necessary to partition the work into manageable pieces before studying it to find the product?s requirements. Business events are the ideal tool for doing a traceable, non-subjective partitioning.

This talk will illustrate how to use the business events to define and study the work and to identify the appropriate and traceable product scope.

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