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I am currently postdoctoral researcher at the Data Science group having recently submitted my thesis at the Business School, Open University. Previously to joining KMi I was visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster and, Leeds Metropolitan University. I was also a Research Assistant for the EU FP7 Project ICT ethics and have been involved as a researcher in few other projects. My research is focused on the implications of technology to the society in a variety of socio political contexts using a close synergy between the perspectives of both, Computer and Social Science. In particular, I explore everyday seductive surveillance through smart devices and how users develop a dependent relationship with them participating to their surveillance. I am also exploring how these seductive characteristics of technology can be used to empower users and promote awareness on the (mis- and) abuse of their data. I have worked with scholars from diverse academic backgrounds to approach aspects of surveillance society. The published outcomes of these collaborations were two chapters in edited books in different disciplines. I have presented my work in various leading conferences and served as editor for Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture. I am also co-founder of the non-governmental organization called Critical Citizens aiming to promote and assist citizens critical thinking and empowerment.

My diverse academic background (I hold a BA in Philosophy and Social Studies, an MA in Bioethics, University of Crete, and a second MA in Communications Studies, University of Leeds) offered me extensive knowledge and abilities to be able to approach such complex social phenomena from an interdisciplinary perspective. Through my studies and work experience I have developed strong research skills both in qualitative and quantitative methods.

Team: Alessandro Adamou, Carlo Allocca, Emanuele Bastianelli, Niaz Chowdhury, Mathieu d'Aquin, Enrico Daga, Andrea Mannocci, Enrico Motta, Francesco Osborne, Angelo Antonio Salatino, Keerthi Thomas, Ilaria Tiddi


03 Nov 2017

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