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Business Manager
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Jerzy 'Jez' Grzeda was the KMi Business Manager from the launch of KMi in 1995 until he had to take early retirement in 2000. As Business Manager, he helped KMi rise to a prominent position on the UK, European and World stages as a significant force in the emerging world of Knowledge Media, and spearheaded the establshment of KMi as a world-wide registered trademark. He helped us experiment with first-stage spinoff companies, and advised us on how to ride the waves of dot.com boom and bust. He balanced our books, kept us from worrying when finances were in doubt, and always had an eye out for the next opportunity, be it UK academic research funding or international corporate sponsorship. Jez was the first 'virtual performer' on stage in the Java implementation of KMi Stadium, and gained international fame as a result of his sailing adventures aboard the tall ship the STS Lord Nelson. It is with deepest regret that we learned of Jez's tragic death on the morning of 23rd May 2007. More details, including a series of tributes, can be found on http://kmi.open.ac.uk/jez

Keys: business, manager, partner, finance, entrepreneur

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