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Ana Karine is a PhD student in the Program of Doctorate in Education and Contemporaneity - PPGEduC, of the State University of Bahia - UNEB; Master in Education and Contemporaneity from UNEB, specialist in Quality Management in Education and Distance Education, Bachelor in Business Administration and Bachelor of Mathematics.

She is currently a Visiting Researcher at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi-OU) under the supervision of Dr. Alexandra Okada from August 2016 to March 2018, and is funded by the CAPES Foundation, Ministry of Education of Brazil under the 88881.131870 / 2016- 01, public notice PDSE - Public Notice No. 19/2016.

The research visit focuses on "Responsible Research and Innovation in Education and policy recommendations for secondary schools", referring to the European ENGAGE project, led by Dr. Okada, being relevant in the field of educational technology and professional development Of the professors in Brazil and the United Kingdom, contemplating his research on "Professional education policy integrated to high school in the State of Bahia: an analysis from the representations of the graduated subjects on the social objects work and education in the Territory of Identity of Irecê - TII ".

She has been teaching at the State University of Bahia, DCHT - Irecê / Bahia, for more than 10 years, in undergraduate and postgraduate courses; Coordinates the specialization course in Management of Educational Organizations; Coordinated the Undergraduate Program in Distance Administration / Pole: Irecê / Bahia by UNEB; Member of the Sectoral Commission for Institutional Evaluation of DCHT - Campus XVI; Member of the Departmental Council.

She is part of the research group Network Society, Cultural Plurality and Educational Digital Content - UNEB / of the group; Is the leader of the GENTTES Research Group: Research Group on Labor, Education, Management and Technologies.

Keys: Her research interests include the areas of technology, e-learning, knowledge mapping, collaborative networks, work, education, public policy.



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Rocha, K., Rocha, B. and Okada, A. (2017) Rubric to assess evidence-based dialogue of socio scientific issues with LiteMap, Technology enhanced assessment

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