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I was an intern at KMi during the July-October 2008 period.

At that time I was a 3th year PhD student at the ICT school at University of Modena e Reggio.

My research activity is focused on the study and the development of some disambiguation techniques that can be apply on structured and semi-structured data sources in order to improve Data Integration.

Within the DBGROUP of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia I have developed different disambiguation algorithms(MELIS and CWSD that is a combined algorithm) and I have integrate them into our data integration system (MOMIS).

I am currently studing a probabilistic way to combine different WSD algorithms to improved the disambiguation result.

During my visit at KMi I compared my techniques to the Jorge Garcia disambiguation techniques and I investigated some research lines to improved the disambiguation techniques used in Scarlet.

My supervisors were Dr. Marta Sabou and Prof. Enrico Motta.

Keys: disambiguation techniques, data integration

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