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I was a research assistant and I'm interested in how dynamic systems can be modelled by knowledge modelling approach, how they can be shared within a community. I'm also interested in how handheld devices can help the community to share its knowledge.

Keys: Dynamic system modelling, Knowledge modelling, Control theory, Automation, Handheld devices, XHTML, Lisp, Matlab








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Zdrahal, Z., Mulholland, P., Sainter, P., Valasek, M., Koss, M. and Trejtnar, L. (2003) A toolkit and methodology to support the collaborative development and reuse of engineering models, Database and Expert Systems Applications Conference (DEXA 2003), Prague, Czech Republic Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2736, pp. 856 865, springer verlag publishing house

Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Mulholland, P., Zdrahal, Z., Sainter, P., Koss, M., Trejtnar, L. and Valasek, M. (2003) Supporting the Sharing and Reuse of Modelling and Simulation Design Knowledge, International Conference on Concurrent Enterprising, Espoo, Finland


Wolff, A. and Trejtnar, L. (2001) Medical Guidelines Technology (project poster), MEDINFO 2001, London, UK

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