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Designing Multiplayer Games to Facilitate Emergent Social Behaviours Online

This paper discusses an exploratory case study of the design of games that facilitate spontaneous social interaction and group behaviours among distributed individuals, based largely on symbolic presence state changes. We present the principles guiding the design of our game environment: presence as a symbolic phenomenon, the importance of good visualization and the potential for spontaneous self-organization among groups of people. Our game environment, comprising a family of multiplayer bumper-car style games, is described, followed by a discussion of lessons learned from observing users of the environment. Finally, we reconsider and extend our design principles in light of our observations.


Submitted to: ITSE - International Journal of Interactive Technology and Smart Education, Special Issue on 'Social Learning through Gaming'

ID: kmi-04-23

Date: 2004

Author(s): Yanna Vogiazou and Marc Eisenstadt

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