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Heroic failures in disseminating novel e-learning technologies to corporate clients: a case study of interactive webcasting

In principle, it should be easier to disseminate novel learning concepts based in technology enhanced learning to companies. Unfortunately, many corporations seem to be extremely risk averse, and the challenges inherent in the new models seem to be very hard for them to accept. This paper uses the deployment of interactive webcasting systems to present a series of case studies of dissemination successes and failures. We will suggest that the key to successful deployment is in making critical innovation (and its risk) invisible to the client, whilst matching their expectations with an "appropriate" level of technology. This work has led to a new dissemination portal Prolearn.TV.


Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Information and Communication Technologies, Cape Town, South Africa. Jan 3-6, 2005. ACM Press. ISBN 0-9544145-6-X

ID: kmi-05-01

Date: 2005

Author(s): Peter Scott, Kevin Quick

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