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Modelling social context to improve online multimedia search

As the cost of production, storage and dissemination has plummeted for images, audio and video, challenges have arisen regarding how to most e?ectively handle this wealth of information. Digital recording devices have become cheaper, more widely available and are able to recording in better quality than ever before.

Media representation has given us lossy and lossless file formats suitable for many different situations, from satellite broadcast to mobile streaming, each with their unique requirements and capabilities. Digital file storage devices

have grown more capacious, high performing and more reliable.

The one area that has not caught up is how to search and retrieval multimedia efficiently and e?ectively in these new, vast data sets and this is the focus for my work. More specifically, I wish to investigate the relationship between social context data and its e?ect on multimedia information retrieval.


Probation review report carried out around 9 months after the start of doctoral work. Submitted 28/08/08

ID: kmi-08-03

Date: 2008

Author(s): Adam Rae

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