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KMi Stadium: Web-based Audio/Visual Interaction as Reusable Organisational Expertise

KMi Stadium is a Java-implemented medium for hosting distributed events on a very large scale on the Internet (or an Intranet), allowing thousands of simultaneous participants even over 28.8Kbps dial-up modems. Stadium makes available as a reusable resource audio, coordinated visuals, and secondary resources such as relevant documents, demonstrations and Web sites. Client-based desktop computers and set-top boxes with appropriate browsers can download custom applets which enable the client machines to participate in presentations and other events mediated by a linked-server network. Most of the available bandwidth is dedicated to audio delivery and custom sound effects to help capture the mood of live events. After describing the design philosophy and implementation of Stadium, we consider its niche in the design space of organisational knowledge systems. With very low capture overheads, it enables organisations to make better use of the invaluable resource that can be found in expert speakers' presentations, and makes it easier for any staff member or team to share their expertise in a small, medium or large setting. We briefly consider its possible impact on working practices, both with respect to staff as knowledge consumers, and as knowledge creators.


Workshop on Knowledge Media for Improving Organisational Expertise, 1st International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management, Basel, Switzerland, 30-31 October 1996.

ID: kmi-96-13

Date: 1996

Author(s): Marc Eisenstadt, Simon Buckingham Shum and Adam Freeman

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