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Case Studies in Ontology-Driven Document Enrichment

In this paper we present an approach to document enrichment, which consists of associating formal knowledge models to archives of documents, to provide intelligent knowledge retrieval and (possibly) additional knowledge services, beyond what is available using 'standard' information retrieval and search facilities. The approach is ontology-driven, in the sense that the construction of the knowledge model is carried out in a top-down fashion, by populating a given ontology, rather than in a bottom-up fashion, by annotating a particular document. In the paper we give an overview of the approach and we discuss its applucation to the domains of electronic news publishing, scholarly discourse and medical guidelines.


12th Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition, Modeling and Management (KAW '99), Banff, Alberta, Canada. 16-22 Oct. 1999.

ID: kmi-99-08

Date: 1999

Author(s): Enrico Motta, Simon Buckingham Shum and John Domingue

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