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Champion: Enrico Motta
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Participant(s):Yuangui Lei, Victoria Uren, Enrico Motta



A Search Engine for the Semantic Web

SemSearch is a semantic search engine, which is designed for naïve users, i.e., ordinary end users who are not necessarily familiar with domain specific semantic data, ontologies, or SQL-like query Languages. It hides the complexity of semantic search from end users by supporting a Google-like query interface and by providing comprehensive means to translate user queries into formal queries.


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Ullmann, T., Uren, V. and Nikolov, A. (2009) The SemSearchXplorer - Exploring Semantic Search Results with Semantic Visualizations, Workshop: AST 2009 - Applications of Semantic Technologies at the Informatik 2009, Luebeck, Germany. Informatik 2009 - Im Focus das Leben. GI Edition Lecture Notes in Informatics, eds. Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V.; Fischer, Stefan; Maehle, Erik; Reischuk, Rüdiger, Köllen Verlag.


Uren, V., Lei, Y. and Motta, E. (2008) SemSearch: refining semantic search, Demo at ESWC, Tenerife

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Uren, V., Lei, Y., Lopez, V., Liu, H., Motta, E. and Giordanino, M. (2007) The usability of semantic search tools: a review, Knowledge Engineering Review, 22, 4, pp. 361-377

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