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Alba Morales is a postdoctoral researcher at the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University. Her current research activities are linked to the Polifonia European Project, being the leader of the MEETUPS Pilot and investigating hybrid methods for the generation of Knowledge Graphs.

She completed her PhD in the fall of 2022, entitled "Health Condition Evolution for Effective Use of Electronic Records: Knowledge Representation, Acquisition, and Reasoning”. Her research set out to improve how data can be used to support Smart Cities services. During her research work, she studied how to support the identification of relevant health information about people involved in an emergency, such as a fire evacuation. During her PhD, Alba designed the "Health Condition Evolution Ontology (HECON)" and extended the SNOMED concept taxonomy to incorporate information of health event evolution. Furthermore, she designed a "methodology for generating a Knowledge Graph of health condition evolution" from natural language resources, combined with a human-in-the-loop workflow. She then applied "the knowledge graph for reasoning on health condition evolution" for detecting vulnerable people in emergency settings. Finally, an end-to-end demonstrator, "the Condition Evolution Radar (CONRAD)", shows how such methods can effectively support decision-making in an emergency scenario.

Alba's previous experience includes working in public and private sectors as an Information Security Specialist for several years, specialised in auditing Industrial Control Systems. She has a master's degree in Information Security and Audit from the University of Greenwich.

Team: Jason Carvalho, Enrico Daga, Enrico Motta


16 Jul 2024

11 Jul 2024

12 Jun 2024

19 Oct 2023

19 Oct 2023

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Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Morales Tirado, A., Carvalho, J., Ratta, M., Uwasomba, C., Mulholland, P., Barlow, H., Herbert, T. and Daga, E. (2024) Musical Meetups Knowledge Graph (MMKG): a collection of evidence for historical social network analysis, ESWC 2024: The 21st Extended Semantic Web Conference, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece

Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Daga, E., Carvalho, J. and Morales Tirado, A. (2024) Extracting licence information from web resources with a Large Language Model, 2nd International Workshop on Semantic Technologies and Deep Learning Models for Scientific, Technical and Legal Data, Heraklion, Greece

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