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Having started my KMi journey as part of the Institute of Coding project, in which I explored how the Learning Analytics Dashboard of the Open University (OUAnalyse) could be deployed in different educational institutions, I am now part of the DEL4ALL project. I started my P/T PhD at KMi in February 2020, researching the role that emerging privacy-preserving Machine Learning techniques can play in creating privacy-by-design and ethics-by-design Learning Analytics systems.

Keys: Data Science, Learning Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning

Team: John Domingue, Alexander Mikroyannidis, Aisling Third


01 Feb 2024

02 Jun 2023

05 Jul 2021

07 Oct 2020

18 Nov 2019

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Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Ekuban, A. and Domingue, J. (2023) Towards Decentralised Learning Analytics (Positioning Paper), WWW '23 Companion, Austin, TX, USA

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Haleem, M., Ekuban, A., Antonini, A., Pagliara, S., Pecchia, L. and Allocca, C. (2023) Deep-Learning-Driven Techniques for Real-Time Multimodal Health and Physical Data Synthesis, Electronics, 12, pp. 1989, MDPI

Publications | Visit External Site for Details  
Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Ekuban, A., Mikroyannidis, A., Third, A. and Domingue, J. (2020) Using GitLab Interactions To Predict Student Success When Working As Part Of A Team, 23rd International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL 2020), Tallinn, Estonia

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