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For one year I have been employed by KMi as Research Fellow in Semantic Web Services. I work within the DIP and SUPER projects on service composition. Before joining KMi I had previously collaborated within the DIP and AKT projects, on which I worked at the University of Sheffield. My own general interests are in formal models for software composition which are, accordingly, compositional. The intersection between the two is embodied in the Cashew project, which is implemented in the IRS, integrated in the DIP project, and informs my work within the WSMO Working Group and the OASIS Semantic Execution Environment Technical Committee.

Keys: Semantic Web Services, Service Composition, Ontologies, Semantic Web, Knowledge Modelling


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Mikroyannidis, A., Domingue, J., Maleshkova, M., Norton, B. and Simperl, E. (2016) Teaching Linked Open Data Using Open Educational Resources, in eds. Mouromtsev, D., d'Aquin, M., Open Data for Education: Linked, Shared, and Reusable Data for Teaching and Learning, pp. 135-152, Springer International Publishing

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Mikroyannidis, A., Domingue, J., Maleshkova, M., Norton, B. and Simperl, E. (2014) Developing a Curriculum of Open Educational Resources for Linked Data, 10th annual OpenCourseWare Consortium Global Conference (OCWC), Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Simperl, E., Acosta, M., Dimitrov, M., Domingue, J., Haase, P., Maleshkova, M., Mikroyannidis, A., Norton, B. and E.Vidal, M. (2014) EUCLID: EdUcational Curriculum for the usage of LInked Data, 11th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC), Anissaras, Crete, Greece, Springer

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Domingue, J., Pedrinaci, C., Maleshkova, M., Norton, B. and Krummenacher, R. (2011) Fostering a Relationship Between Linked Data and the Internet of Services, in eds. John Domingue, Alex Galis, Anastasius Gavras, Theodore Zahariadis, Dave Lambert, Frances Cleary, Petros Daras, Srdjan Krco, Henning Müller, Man-Sze Li, Hans Schaffers, Volkmar Lotz, Federico Alvarez, Burkhard Stiller, Stamatis Karnouskos, Susana Avesta, Michael Nilsson, Future Internet: Achievements, Directions and Promises, Springer

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Krummenacher, R., Norton, B., Simperl, E. and Pedrinaci, C. (2009) SOA4All: Enabling Web-scale Service Economies, 3rd IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC) 2009, IEEE Computer Society

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A Complete Axiomatisation of Observation Congruence for Deterministic Time under Maximal Progress
Techreport ID: kmi-05-06
Date: 2005
Author(s): Barry Norton

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The main purpose of the role is to provide ongoing research management across a portfolio of projects. Whilst this portfolio is fluid in nature, there is an ongoing business need for the acquisition...


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