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Champion: John Domingue
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Participant(s):Roxana Belecheanu, Liliana Cabral, Barry Norton, Carlos Pedrinaci

Timeline:01 Apr 2006 - 31 Mar 2009



Semantics Utilised for Process management within and between EnteRprises

Business Process Management focuses on managing the execution of IT-supported business operations from a business expert's process view rather than from a technical perspective. The underlying motivation for BPM is that organizations need to continuously align their running business processes, as executed within multiple heterogeneous systems, with the required processes as derived from business needs. BPM has gained significant attention in both research and industry, and a range of BPM tools are available. However, the degree of mechanization in BPM is currently very limited. The major obstacle preventing a coherent view on business processes is that the business processes are not accessible to machine reasoning. Additionally, businesses cannot query their process space by logical expressions, e.g. in order to identify activities relevant to comply with regulations.

Founded on ontologies Semantic Web technology provides scalable methods and tools for the machine-readable representation of knowledge. Semantic Web Services (SWS) make use of Semantic Web technology to support the automated discovery, substitution, composition, and execution of software components (Web Services). BPM is a natural application for Semantic Web and SWS technology, because the latter provide large-scale, standardized knowledge representation techniques for executable artefacts. The goal of the project is to combine Semantic Web services and Business Process Management, and develop one consolidated technology.



17 Dec 2007

John Domingue

04 Oct 2007

KMi Reporter

05 Apr 2007

John Domingue

09 Mar 2007

John Domingue

17 Oct 2006

John Domingue

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Cabral, L. and Domingue, J. (2009) Translating Semantic Web Service Based Business Process Models, Workshop: Semantic Web Services in Practice (SWSIP) 2009 at IEEE APSCC 2009, Singapore, IEEE Computer Society

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Cabral, L., Norton , B. and Domingue, J. (2009) The Business Process Modelling Ontology, Workshop: Semantic Business Process Management (SBPM 2009) at European Semantic Web Conference - ESWC 2009, Greece, ACM International Conference Proceeding Series. ACM Press


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Domingue, J. and Fensel, D. (2009) PSMs in a Global Networked Age, AIEDAM Special Issue Problem Solving Methods: Past, Present and Future, 23, 3, Cambridge University Press

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