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My research interest in KMi is mainly concerned with Semantic Web and Semantic Web Service. In particular, I have worked in the NeOn project on the aspects of ontology summarization and its evaluation, ontology summarized visualisation and navigation. In SmartProduct project, I have investigated the performance of rule-based reasoning on small devices. I having been working on providing invocation supports for generic Web APIs in the context of SOA4All project and mEducator project. I am currently working on SEALs project for supporting large-scale evaluation of Semantic Web Service technologies.

Keys: Semantic Web, Semantic Web Service, Knowledge Management

Team: John Domingue, Enrico Motta, Hong Qing Yu











Mulholland, P., Wolff, A., Zdrahal, Z., Li, N. and Corneli, J. (2013) Constructing and connecting storylines to tell museum stories, International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling

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Cabral, L., Li, N. and Kopecky, J. (2012) Building the WSMO-Lite Test Collection on the SEALS Platform, Workshop: Second International Workshop on Evaluation of Semantic Technologies (IWEST) at 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference, Heraklion, Greece

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Rey, G., Celino, I., Damova, M., Damljanovic, D., Li, N., Alexopoulos, P. and Devedzic, V. (2012) Semi-Automatic Generation of Quizzes and Learning Artifacts from Linked Data, Workshop: Linked Learning (Lile2012) at World Wide Web (WWW), Lyon,France

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Motta, E., Peroni, S., Gomez-Perez, J., d'Aquin, M. and Li, N. (2012) Visualizing and Navigating Ontologies with KC-Viz, in eds. Suárez-Figueroa, M.C., Gómez-Pérez, A., Motta, E., Gangemi, A., Ontology Engineering in a Networked World, pp. 343-362, Springer

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Maleshkova, M., Pedrinaci, C., Li, N., Kopecky, J. and Domingue, J. (2011) Lightweight Semantics for Automating the Invocation of Web APIs, IEEE International Conference on Service Oriented Computing & Applications (SOCA 2011), Irvine, California, USA

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