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The topics associated to the KMi publications listed in this page were automatically generated using the CSO Classifier, a solution developed by the SKM3 team in KMi. This technology has also been adopted by Springer Nature and is used routinely by them to generate automatically the metadata for all Computer Science conference proceedings they publish.


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Chiatti, A., Bardaro, G., Matteucci, M. and Motta, E. (2023) Visual Model Building for Robot Sensemaking: Perspectives, Challenges, and Opportunities, Bridge Session on AI and Robotics of the thirty-seventh AAAI conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-23), Washington DC, USA

Topics: computer science

Publications related to: computer science

Chiatti, A.

human engineering

Publications related to: human engineering

Chiatti, A.

humanoid robot

Publications related to: humanoid robot

Chiatti, A.

intelligent robots

Publications related to: intelligent robots

Chiatti, A.

robot system

Publications related to: robot system

Chiatti, A.


Publications related to: robotics

Chiatti, A.


Publications related to: robots

Chiatti, A.

sense making

Publications related to: sense making

Chiatti, A.

visual analytics

Publications related to: visual analytics

Chiatti, A.

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Herodotou, C., Maguire, C., Hlosta, M. and Mulholland, P. (2023) Predictive Learning Analytics and University Teachers: Usage and perceptions three years post implementation, 13th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK 2023), Arlington, Texas

Topics: e-learning

Publications related to: e-learning

Herodotou, C.


Publications related to: education

Herodotou, C.

education technology

Publications related to: education technology

Herodotou, C.

educational technology

Publications related to: educational technology

Herodotou, C.

erp system

Publications related to: erp system

Herodotou, C.


Publications related to: learning

Herodotou, C.


Publications related to: post-implementation

Herodotou, C.

social influence

Publications related to: social influence

Herodotou, C.


Publications related to: university

Herodotou, C.


Publications related to: utaut

Herodotou, C.

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