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Champion: Anna De Liddo
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Participant(s):Simon Buckingham-Shum, Michelle Bachler



LiteMap is a Web tool for mapping out visually the content of online debates across different forums and Websites.

Online discussions on issues of public concern are often dispersed across different Websites and Social Media environments. This makes it difficult for stakeholders to make sense of the state and progress of a public debate.

LiteMap is a tool to support sensemaking and summarization of public debates across Web forums and discussion media. By allowing easy markup and annotation through any Web browser, LiteMap enables users to grasp clips of text from an online conversation and make them objects of further reflection and discussion. Within LiteMap content from previously disconnected online conversations and debates can be connected in new meaningful ways. Visual maps can be built by single users or groups to make a point or better communicate ideas and results to others. LiteMap is designed to help both community managers.

Community managers can use LiteMap to organise contributions to the debate, reduce idea duplication, and support content analysis and summarisation.

Community members can use LiteMap for sensemaking and self-reflection: to build a visual representation of their own view of a topic or debate; to communicate personal ideas to others; and to point the communityís attention to important issues.

LiteMap is one of the Catalystís ecosystem of Collective Intelligence Tools to improve community deliberation of complex societal challenges.

  • Sigma Orionis
  • Imagination for People
  • The Open University
  • Universitat Zurich
  • Euclid Network
  • CSCP
  • Purpose
  • Wikitalia


17 Jan 2020

Jane Whild


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Rocha, K., Rocha, B. and Okada, A. (2017) Rubric to assess evidence-based dialogue of socio scientific issues with LiteMap, Technology enhanced assessment

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