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Professor Peter Scott is the Director of the Knowledge Media Institute of the UK's Open University. KMI is a Research and Development Unit, which explores the future of learning. He has a BA & PhD in Psychology. Before joining the Open University in 1995, he taught Psychology & Cognitive Science at the University of Sheffield, with a textbook in each of these subjects. From 2007-10 he was elected founding President of the European Association of Technology Enhanced Learning.

From 2008-12 Peter was the coordinator of STELLAR, the EU’s 7th Framework Network of Excellence in TEL. Peter's research group in the institute, prototypes the application of new technologies and media to learning.

Peter’s current research interests range widely across knowledge and media research. Three key threads are: telepresence; streaming media systems; and ubiquity.

In June 2008 he coordinated the launch of The Open University in iTunes U, which passed 60 Million international downloads in January 2013. Peter is currently musing on how to exceed that milestone...

Keys: KMi Director, Head CNM, Stadium Telepresence, Professional Learning, Streaming Media, Mobile and Ubiquitous, eBook

Team: Paul Alexander, Alan Fletcher, Ben Hawkridge, Jon Linney, Alexander Mikroyannidis, Alexandra Okada, Kevin Quick, Chris Valentine, Jane Whild, Fridolin Wild, Rachel Yarrien


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Ullmann, T., Wild, F. and Scott, P. (2013) Reflection - quantifying a rare good, Workshop: 3rd Workshop on Awareness and Reflection in Technology-Enhanced Learning at 8th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning: Scaling up learning for sustained impact, Paphos, Cyprus, pp. 29-40

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Mikroyannidis, A., Okada, A., Scott, P., Rusman, E., Specht, M., Stefanov, K., Boytchev, P., Protopsaltis, A., Held, P., Hetzner, S., Kikis-Papadakis, K. and Chaimala, F. (2013) weSPOT: A Personal and Social Approach to Inquiry-Based Learning, Journal of Universal Computer Science Special Issue on Cloud Education Environments, 19, 14, pp. 2093-2111

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Mikroyannidis, A., Okada, A. and Scott, P. (2013) Personal Learning Environments for Inquiry-Based Learning, PLE Conference, Berlin, Germany, eds. Ilona Buchem, Graham Attwell, Gemma Tur, pp. 227-237, Beuth University of Applied Sciences

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Meyer, P., Kelle, S., Ullmann, T., Scott, P. and Wild, F. (2013) Interdisciplinary Cohesion of TEL - An Account of Multiple Perspectives, 8th European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning Scaling up Learning for Sustained Impact

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Mikroyannidis, A., Okada, A., Scott, P., Rusman, E., Specht, M., Stefanov, K., Protopsaltis, A., Held, P. and Hetzner, S. (2012) weSPOT: A Cloud-based Approach for Personal and Social Inquiry, Workshop: 1st International Workshop on Cloud Education Environments, Antigua, Guatemala, 945, pp. 7-11, CEUR Workshop Proceedings

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Tech Reports

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Symmetrical support in FlashMeeting: a naturalistic study of live online peer-to-peer learning via software videoconferencing
Techreport ID: kmi-07-01
Date: 2007
Author(s): Peter Scott, Linda Castañeda, Kevin Quick, Jon Linney

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Knowledge work in nursing and midwifery: an evaluation through computer mediated communication
Techreport ID: kmi-06-10
Date: 2006
Author(s): Fiona Brooks, Peter Scott

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Heroic failures in disseminating novel e-learning technologies to corporate clients: a case study of interactive webcasting
Techreport ID: kmi-05-01
Date: 2005
Author(s): Peter Scott, Kevin Quick

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Declared by Harvard Business Review as the “sexiest job of the 21st century”, data science skills are becoming a key asset to maintain European competitiveness in a global market. Data scientists...

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