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Champion: Alexandra Okada
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Participant(s):Alexander Mikroyannidis, Peter Scott, Aitor Gomez-Goiri, Chris Valentine

Similar Projects:ROLE

Timeline:01 Oct 2012 - 30 Sep 2015



Working Environment with Social, Personal and Open Technologies for Inquiry Based Learning

The weSPOT project, supported by the European Commission, aims to propagate scientific inquiry as the approach for science learning and teaching in combination with today’s curricula and teaching practices.

weSPOT will create a “Working Environment with Social, Personal and Open Technologies” that supports users (from 12 to 25) to develop their inquiry based learning skills by means of:

* a European reference model for inquiry skills and inquiry workflows,

* a diagnostic instrument for measuring inquiry skills,

* smart support tools for orchestrating inquiry workflows including mobile apps, learning analytics support, and social collaboration on scientific inquiry,

* social media integration and viral marketing of scientific inquiry linked to school legacy systems and an open badge system.

In inquiry-based learning co-learners take the role of explorers and scientists and are motivated by their personal curiosity, guided by self-reflection, and develop knowledge personal and collaborative sense-making and reasoning.

weSPOT will work on a meta-inquiry level in that it will:

1. define a reference model for inquiry-based learning skills,

2. create a diagnostic instrument for measuring inquiry skills, and

3. implement a working environment that allows the easy linking of inquiry activities with school curricula and legacy systems.

  • OUNL
  • KUL
  • NIS-SU
  • IPAK
  • ILI


19 May 2017

Alexander Mikroyannidis

14 Jul 2015

Alexander Mikroyannidis

19 Jun 2015

Chris Valentine

17 Jun 2015

Alexandra Okada

07 Apr 2015

Kate Dungate

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Mikroyannidis, A., Okada, A., Correa, A.L. and Scott, P. (2016) Inquiry-Based Learning on the Cloud, in eds. Lee Chao, Handbook of Research on Cloud-Based STEM Education for Improved Learning Outcomes, pp. 291-310, IGI Global

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Okada, A., Wolff, A. and Mikroyannidis, A. (2015) Fostering young smart citizens through personal learning environments for urban inquiries, Workshop: Smart Learning Ecosystems in Smart Regions and Cities at EC-TEL The 10th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning


Okada, A., Wolff, A., Mikroyannidis, A. and Ashton, S. (2015) Promoting partnerships among Universities, Schools and Research Centres to foster Responsible Research and Innovation for smart citizenship, Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Technology, Policy and Innovation

Publications | Visit External Site for Details Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Mikroyannidis, A., Kroop, S. and Wolpers, M. (2015) Personal Learning Environments (PLEs): Visions and Concepts Responsive Open Learning Environments, eds. Sylvana Kroop, Alexander Mikroyannidis, Martin Wolpers, pp. 1-16, Springer

Publications | Visit External Site for Details Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Okada, A., Serra, A.R.C., Ribeiro, S. and Pinto, S. (2015) Key skills for co-learning and co-inquiry in two open platforms: a massive portal (EDUCARED) and a personal environment (weSPOT), Open Praxis International Journal, 7, 1, International Council for Open and Distance Education

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