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I am a Research Associate who joined KMi in Sep 2022. I am currently a member of the MarK project and was previously a member of the Gatekeeper project. Before joining KMi, I was a Research Fellow in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen, researching accountability of AI systems.

I am a member of OU’s International Community network, Women@OU network, and the OU’s Researcher Centered Concordat Steering Group.

Team: Alessio Antonini, Audrey Ekuban, Riccardo Pala





20 Mar 2024

01 Feb 2024

22 Jan 2024

05 Sep 2023


Publications | Visit External Site for Details Publications | doi 

Innominato, P., Macdonald, J., Saxton, W., Longshaw, L., Granger, R., Naja, I., Alloca, C., Edwards, R., Rasheed, S., Folkvord, F., Batlle, J., Ail, R., Motta, E., Bale, C., Fuller, C., Mullard, A., Subbe, C., Griffiths, D., Wreglesworth, N., Pecchia, L., Fico, G. and Antonini, A. (2024) Digital Remote Monitoring Using an mHealth Solution for Survivors of Cancer: Protocol for a Pilot Observational Study, 13, pp. (Early access)

Publications | Visit External Site for Details Publications | doi 

Markovic, M., Garijo, D., Germano, S. and Naja, I. (2023) TEC: Transparent Emissions Calculation Toolkit, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 14266, pp. 76-93

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