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Karine Pinheiro is a Doctoral student in Educational Technology from the University of Minho � Portugal. She holds a Master�s Degree in Public Policy and Planning from the State University of Ceara (UECE), a Specialist�s Degree in Educational Technology from UFRGS, and a BA in Linguistics from UECE.

She was a visiting researcher under the supervision of Dr. Okada at the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi-OU) in 2013/2014, where she collaborated to weSPOT european project by developing a co-inquiry on entrepreneurial learning with students and lecturers in Portugal and Brazil.

She worked in the deployment of Educational Technology Centers (NTE) with PROINFO, a Program from the Ministry of Education in Brazil and was an advisor for Public Policies in Education and Technology.

Her experience includes managing ODL programs, acting on the themes of digital inclusion, virtual environments, instructional design, articulation of technological projects and entrepreneurship networks.

Currently, Karine Pinheiro coordinates the Digital Design Agents (UFCVirtual). She is also an international researcher member of the Scientific Committee of the COLEARN Open Research Network (KMi/OU).

She received an ICT award from the Ministry of Culture (BR) for Notice Creative Economy in the category of Training Creative Skills for the �Brazil RiverWalk Project� in partnership with the University of Michigan (USA).).

Keys: digital inclusion, entrepreneuship network, instrucional design

Team: Andre Luis Correa, Claudia Machado



Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Okada, A., Costa, A.M., Kowalski, R., Torres, P., Nakayama, M. and Souza, K. (2016) Open Educational Resources for Responsible Research and Innovation: a case study with Brazilian universities and schools, International Conference on Responsible Research in Education and Management and its Impact. London 2016

Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Souza, K., Okada, A. and Silva, B. (2014) Competences For Co-Entrepreneurship: contribution to the understanding of the concept for Entrepreneurial education, International Congress on Education, Innovation and Learning Technologies, Barcelona, Spain

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