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Part of the Social Data Science group, I started my PhD at the Open University on 1st October 2019 under the supervision of Harith Alani and Alistair Willis.

In my PhD I want to explore how different articles present the same events, by using different emphasis and selecting different details and therefore providing a different framing.

In the past, I worked on the Co-Inform project with the objective of creating tools to identify the credibility of news sources and help to develop critical thinking.

Team: Harith Alani, Gregoire Burel, Tracie Farrell, Miriam Fernandez, , Angel Pavon Perez, Lara Piccolo, Paula Reyero Lobo, Ali Tavakoli


31 Jan 2024

26 Apr 2022

08 Mar 2022

30 Sep 2021

18 Nov 2019

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Publications | Visit External Site for Details  
Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Mensio, M., Burel, G., Farrell, T. and Alani, H. (2023) MisinfoMe: A Tool for Longitudinal Assessment of Twitter Accounts' Sharing of Misinformation, UMAP '23: 31st ACM Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation and Personalization, Limassol Cyprus

Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Reyero Lobo, P., Mensio, M., Pavon Perez, A., Bayer, V., , j., Fernandez, M., Daga, E. and Alani, H. (2022) Estimating Ground Truth in a Low-labelled Data Regime: A Study of Racism Detection in Spanish, Workshop on Novel Evaluation Approaches for Text Classification Systems on Social Media (NEATCLasS), Atlanta, Georgia

Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Denaux, R., Mensio, M., Gomez-Perez, J. and Alani, H. (2021) Weaving a Semantic Web of Credibility Reviews for Explainable Misinformation Detection (Extended Abstract), Thirtieth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Montreal

Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Piccolo, L., Blackwood, A., Farrell, T. and Mensio, M. (2021) Agents for Fighting Misinformation Spread on Twitter: Design Challenges, Conversational User Interfaces CUI 2021, Online

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