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Lead Developer - Open Research
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Works on improving and and maintaining CORE (http://core.ac.uk) FOSTER (http://fosteropenscience.eu) and Stories Of Change (http://storiesofchange.ac.uk). Once he was a Super Mario plumber.

Team: Valeriy Budko, Petr Knoth, Samuel Pearce, Nancy Pontika, Andrew Vasilyev


27 Mar 2023

05 Sep 2022

29 Jun 2022

08 Jun 2022

23 May 2022

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Pride, D., Cancellieri, M. and Knoth, P. (2022) Cui Bono? Cumulative Advantage in Open Access Publishing, TPDL2022, Padua, Italy

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Knoth, P., Anastasiou, L., Cancellieri, M., Gyawali, B., Herrmannova, D., Misak, S., Huba, A., Pearce, S., Pontika, N., Rumyanceva, S. and Tarasiuk, M. (2019) Aggregating The World's Open Access Research Papers

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Cancellieri, M., Pontika, N., Pearce, S., , l. and Knoth, P. (2017) Building scalable digital library ingestion pipelines using microservices, MTSR'17 : 11th International Conference on Metadata and Semantics Research, Tallin, Estonia

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Knoth, P., , l., Charalampous, A., Cancellieri, M., Pearce, S., Pontika, N. and , v. (2017) Towards effective research recommender systems for repositories, Open Repositories 2017


Cancellieri, M., Knoth, P. and Krznarich, E. (2017) COR(E)CID: Analysing the use of unique author identifiers in repositories via CORE to support the uptake of ORCID iDs, Poster at Open Repositories (OR2017), Brisbane, Australia

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