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tech it easy project full details

Champion: Zdenek Zdrahal
Emeritus Professor Email Icon Website Icon RDF Icon

Participant(s):Petr Knoth, Khadija Tahera

Timeline:01 Jun 2009 - 31 May 2011



information system, based on analytical and knowledge-based tools

The TECH-IT-EASY project will develop an information system, based on analytical and knowledge-based tools, able to support electromechanical European SMEs to in structuring and systematising the internal product innovation process. The result will be a fully operating information system, consisting of:

  • A methodological tool box to structure and define SMEs technology products, abstracting them from the specific industrial context, to allow the usage of external knowledge for technology innovation. Such methodological tool-box will be based on the combined application of QFD (Quality Function Deployment) market-pull approach with technologypush potentials of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving).
  • An information agent that analyses digital information within the enterprise, at information providers, and on the Web. This system will work context-sensitive in terms of considering the role and the experience of the person that carries out the search as well as the current product under study. Such information agent will make usage of ontology as symbolic knowledge representation of the overall innovation knowledge domain.
  • An Innovation-Process support tool, to guide users through the whole innovation process, connecting the technology system related to the product under study with the knowledge base constituted by market and technology information (gathered through the information agent), and by a set of pre-acquired knowledge (such as the so-called "trends of evolution" of technological systems) allowing SMEs to identify innovation opportunities out of their internal knowledge
Main Scientific Achievement will be the development of an information system that is able to deal with weakly structured content as well as formalized databases, such as the ones related to the overall innovation-process, and the structuring the overall innovation-process through the usage of ontologies as formal way of representing knowledge in a way understandable by machines.

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