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augmented virtual reality technology full details

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Augmented / Virtual Reality

Applications that utilise AR/VR technologies

Augmented Reality blends the physical and digital environments, enabling graphics, sounds and touch feedback to be overlaid with the userā€™s physical world. KMI worked with colleagues in the STEM faculty, explored the potential use for Augmented Reality to support students studying human biology.

As part of the work, a sample version using the human heart had been released as an app we invited users to download it and consider for themselves how Augmented Reality, and even Virtual Reality, could support innovative pedagogic practices in the future.

Augmented Reality is a natural step towards creating fully immersive experiences in Virtual Reality.


23 Aug 2018

Paul Hogan

07 Feb 2018

Paul Hogan

31 Jan 2018

Paul Hogan

27 Jul 2017

Paul Hogan

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