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virtual reality robotic embodiment and control (vrrec) technology full details

Champion: Alessio Antonini
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Participant(s):Gianluca Bardaro, Riccardo Pala

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Virtual Reality Robotic Embodiment and Control (VRREC)

Virtual Reality Robotic Embodiment and Control (VRREC) is an app for Oculus Quest enabling the full-body remote control of a robotic platform

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the dependence and reliance of fragile population on the support of their family members on their activities of daily living. Through the collaboration with the SME Extended Robotics (ER), we designed the Virtual Reality Robotic Embodiment and Control VRREC.

VRREC is an APP for Meta Oculus Quest enabling remote, real-time full control of a robotic platform. VRREC reconstruct the 3D model of the location in virtual reality via the RGBD camera live stream, enabling an embodied presence through the robot platform, navigation and manipulation of objects through a robotic arm. The ER low-latency video streaming technology enables the operation of the robot in an environment with other people and precise manipulation of objects.

VRREC will be piloted as one of the technologies involved in the UK pilot part of the EU H2020 GATEKEEPER project.

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05 Sep 2023

Iman Naja

14 Feb 2022

Alessio Antonini

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