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Champion: Ben Hawkridge
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Participant(s):Ben Hawkridge, Peter Scott, Chris Valentine

Similar Projects:Mobile Applications

Timeline:01 Aug 2010 - 31 Jul 2012


iTunes U

iTunes University and Podcasting from KMi

Since late 2005 North American Universities have been using Apple's iTunes as a powerful platform to reach their students and the wider world. On June 3, 2008, Apple finally invited some other countries into this exciting channel. The 3 European Universities to launch at that time were The Open University, University College London (from the UK) and Trinity, Dublin (Ireland). Each of us launched with a pretty decent selection of materials and podcasts.

KMi executed the launch, working closely with the Open University Learning and Teaching Solutions division. The team in LTS will take ahead the service and make it work effectively throughout the University work flows. KMi will take this work forward with an innovative range of new features and some exciting new support services for podcasting; and using the special features of this channel in some new ways...


12 May 2020

Kiran Parmar

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