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I am primarily a software developer supporting academics with their research and internal or external projects particularly in applied Educational Technology.

In more recent times I have worked with Trevor Collins on the Stadium Live project which is been actively used to deliver Labcasts and Fieldcasts to OU students, the latter been of particular interest to Trevor Collins research.

I have long focused on digital audio-visual media, covering both on demand (podcasting) content and delivery of live events using live streaming or video conference technologies. In more recent times the rapid uptake of video conference technologies has led to a lot of experimentation with hybrid solutions.

Keys: Webcasting, Multimedia, Design, Director, Flash, 3D

Team: Paul Alexander, Trevor Collins


27 Mar 2023

12 May 2020

18 Nov 2019

30 Apr 2015


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Cooke, J., Wheeler, P., Maseyk, K., Davies, S., Collins, T., Bradshaw, K., Hawkridge, B., Valentine, C. and Morgan, G. (2020) Broadcasting from the field: enabling student-led investigations by distance, Enhancing Fieldwork Learning 2020, Online, United Kingdom

Publications | Visit External Site for Details Publications | Visit External Site for Details  

Richardson, B., Bradshaw, K., Collins, T. and Hawkridge, B. (2019) Practical STEM at the Open University: The Use of Live Video in the OpenStem Labs to Innovate Teaching and Create a Community of Practical STEM Students, EdMedia & Innovate Learning Conference 2019, Amsterdam

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