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retain project full details

Champion: Zdenek Zdrahal
Emeritus Professor Email Icon Website Icon RDF Icon

Participant(s):Petr Knoth, Annika Wolff

Timeline:01 Mar 2011 - 31 Aug 2013



Retaining Students through Intelligent Interventions

The RETAIN project aims to extend the Open University’s existing Business Intelligence systems, with a particular focus on improving student retention. RETAIN will make it possible to integrate additional data sources, such as data from VLE’s, with existing statistical methods and to further extend the functionality by using predictive modelling to identify students who are at risk of non-completion of their courses. This will allow for better targeted interventions towards these students. A demonstrator will be developed, for visualising retention data that allows viewing of both aggregated and individual student data on selected dimensions. This will be usable by tutors and programme managers for determining strategy in both the short-term and long-term, on individual, course and faculty levels. The developed tools and methods will be trialled with a view to longer term uptake and further extensions to Business Intelligence functionality. The predicted benefits are improved retention and progression, leading to a financial cost savings for the OU and a better student experience.


03 Mar 2011

Chris Valentine


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Wolff, A., Zdrahal, Z., Nikolov, A. and Pantucek, M. (2013) Improving retention: predicting at-risk students by analysing clicking behaviour in a virtual learning environment, Learning Analytics and Knowledge

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Wolff, A., Zdrahal, Z., Herrmannova, D. and Knoth, P. (2013) Predicting Student Performance from Combined Data Sources, in eds. Alejandro Peńa-Ayala, Educational Data Mining: Applications and Trends, 524, Springer

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Wolff, A. and Zdrahal, Z. (2012) Improving retention by identifying and Supporting 'at-risk' students Case study for EDUCAUSE review online

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